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1.Stylish Design and Soft Illumination: 

A geometric frame offers a small side table on the one end, on the other end, a luminaire, both similar in shape and size. Producing soft and cozy ambient lighting and elegant style sunlight floor lamps for living room, study, bedroom or office lobby decor.

2. Designer and Inspiration: Scale floor lamp designed by Carsten Schelling, inspired by scale.

3. Wireless and USB charging Port: Scale floor lamp with wireless charging port and USB charging port, so that users can charge and store mobile devices easily and conveniently even without a cable.

4.Adjustable: An adjustable light head equipped with a ball joint allows the light to adjust a s desired.

5.Tray Table: The tray table which can help you put some little things like book, coffee, phone, water cup and so on.It can free your hands. Also, you can charge your phone while watching TV on the tray.

6.Heavy Base: Scale floor lamp is tall and slim, stands on its own with a heavier base that keeps it stable and won't fall down easily.

7.Certifications: CE Certification, UL Certification, CCC Certification.

8.Packaging: Individual package, bulb is not included.